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How does Vitality moisturising technology improve the skin?

In an in vivo experiment comparing the efficacy of both types of gloves in reducing transepidermal water loss, the gloves coated with lanolin and vitamin E decreased water loss by 31.3% after eight wearing sequences (about 6 hours of use) compared to the non-coated gloves, which reduced water loss by only 3.4%.

The gloves coated with lanolin and vitamin E also improved skin moisture levels more than standard gloves. After four wearing sequences, the coated gloves improved moisture levels by 22%, compared to 5.4% and, after eight wearing sequences, the coated gloves improved moisture levels by 33.7%, outperforming 50% the standard gloves, which only improved moisture levels by 8.8%.

Individuals wearing standard gloves experienced more severe symptoms of skin peeling compared to those using coated gloves. Wearing coated gloves reduced the amount of skin peeling by nearly 14%. The testing also observed the effects of wearing the coated gloves on the surface of the skin. Figure 3 shows the skin surface of a clinician with dry skin. The surface appears very rough and cracked. Vitality coated gloves are designed to soothe the symptoms of dehydration and irritation, with the skin surface appearing smoother and softer in as little as 6 hours of wear.

Study results also showed that the Vitality coated gloves drastically reduced perceived skin roughness and dryness. Participants noted a 41.2% decrease in perceived skin roughness with the coated gloves compared to just 18.8% with traditional glove after eight wearing sequences.

Perceived dryness was also diminished by 44.0% among those wearing coated gloves vs. 19.6% with traditional gloves after eight wearing sequences.