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How do you know Vitality moisturising technology works?

The benefits of using gloves coated with lanolin and vitamin E are well documented. The Switzerland-based Skin Test Institute, which specialises in the in vivo testing of the efficacy and safety of products designed for the skin, compared Vitality gloves with the lanolin and vitamin E coating to standard clinical gloves on the following parameters: (i) transepidermal water loss; (ii) skin moisture levels; (iii) skin peeling; and (iv) visible skin condition.

The testing was conducted using three different tests: (1) transepidermal water loss was measured with a Tewameter® which uses a probe applied to the skin to measure humidity and temperature gradients. The transepidermal water loss is calculated based on the resultant humidity and temperature scores. (2) A Corneo meter® was used to evaluate the skin’s hydration levels. The capacity of skin to retain moisture is determined by the dielectric constant of the water contained in the superficial layers of the stratum corneum, which is measured by the corneometer. (3) The D-Squame Dry Skin Test® assessed skin dryness through test strips that increase visibility of adhering skin cells.

You can read more about the results here